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How to buy a panther

If you want to learn more about Bombay cats, read the article at Habitat loss, collisions with cars and hunters that want them as a trophy are some of the reasons why these animals are threatened. Depending on where you live the climate can be another problem. In many regions, only an outside run won’t meet the needs. So you would need to offer at least a heated shelter during the winter.

How to buy a panther

You may or may not have run into the fact that egg sales are a controversial practice in the chameleon community. If you are in the decision making phase then it is worth listening to each side. In the episode embedded below I interview Jonathan Hill who is the founder of iPardalis, which provides high end panther chameleons as well-started juveniles.

Panther For Sale

Christian is obsessed with any kind of animal since his early childhood. He owned several pets like a dog, a budgie, a grey parrot and fish. Additionally, he takes care of pets of friends and makes his garden an oasis for wild species in his environment.

  • However, overall, lions will win if they fight one on one with a panther.
  • Working with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.
  • There were skills developed that allowed breeders to get their hatch rate and survivability up to close to 100%, but this came with experience.
  • It has more than 5.5 million followers and has attracted over 61.8 million likes.
  • So, the argument that buying an egg gives the buyer time to research is an after-the-fact pro.

They are commonly found in the tropical forests of some countries in Africa. Some equatorial rain forests in Malaya, areas in Java, Nepal, Myanmar and southern parts of India are home to these animals. Additionally, the species is highly endangered and it is better to let the few ones that are left in the wild.

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So, when you tap into the community, this is why there is such a controversy over egg sales. Protections are being removed for the exact people the protections were put in place for! There is difficulty accepting that for reasons such as it is cheaper to get started by buying an egg.

How to buy a panther

Risk of the egg not hatching is a con, though, panther chameleon egg really isn’t that hard. Many panther chameleon breeders incubate eggs in their closet anyways that you have a good chance of succeeding without specialized equipment. Find a closet that trends in the 70s F and doesn’t spike into the 80s F and there is a more than decent chance of success. Your egg will probably come with specific instructions on how to incubate the egg.

Even if they are playing, panthers can get carried away and accidentally hurt someone. A small child running around screaming might behave and sound like a panicked prey animal to a frustrated panther in captivity. Another important consideration is whether a panther wants to be owned as a pet. Panthers are hypercarnivores, meaning they eat only meat.

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Cats and dogs are typically considered rivals, but a popular TikTok account is showing how a Rottweiler and a big cat became the best of friends. Owning an endangered animal and contributing to these issues is simply unethical. Even in the best of homes, many panthers may become frustrated, bored, and confused. Not to mention potentially covering a lawsuit for when your beloved pet eats the neighbor’s dog and/or grandmother. Some of the basic costs include safety-proofing your home, building a suitable outdoor enclosure, feeding an appropriate diet, vet bills, and treatment. Moreover, while they are undoubtedly capable of bonding with their owners, they are unlikely to be safe around strangers, small animals, or children.

Honestly, I don’t even bother sexing them until months later when I am getting ready to sell them. The panther chameleon species is just an incredible chameleon all around. But you need to dig deep and be honest about your feelings. Make sure you are of the mindset that you will enjoy the chameleon experience either way. And for the people who are buying three eggs just to make sure they get a male…I suggest just getting the well started juvenile male.

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That is all lost in the couple hundred dollars you saved. People who are looking for deals tend to take that attitude with them. And these bargain buyers are grabbing the cheapest cages and only the minimum equipment because, and I quote, “I am not going to pay more for the cage than I did the chameleon”. I fear this is the attitude that is behind egg sales when they are marketed as a cheap way to get into panther chameleons. So, yes, reduced upfront cost is a pro on the surface, but it is a pro that comes with a lot of baggage that the chameleon then has to shoulder and suffer for.

They can be tamed, but their wild instincts are still inside of them. Remember, those wild animals never listen to others. But when you make one mistake and threaten them, they will act wild and can injure you. If you have managed to own a pet panther, this is still not a good idea. The reason why is that it will burn lots of your money from your bank account in maintaining a pet panther, and it can be dangerous for your family and loved ones. We ship these Panther Cubs / Black Panther Cub for sale, across certain continents (depending on exotic trade law).

Using conservation best practices, the Refuge System manages Service lands and waters to help ensure the survival of native wildlife species. Other states, including Pennsylvania, Texas and Montana, allow big cat ownership if the person obtains a permit. Four states—Nevada, Wisconsin, North Carolina, How to buy a panther Alabama, and South Carolina—have no laws on keeping dangerous wild animals as pets, Big Cat Rescue said. Many countries have outlawed keeping big cats as pets. In the U.S., 21 states have banned all exotic pets, including panthers and other big cats, according to the group Big Cat Rescue.

Of course, there is a way around and you can get a special permit for keeping panthers but for most people, this is out of reach. You would have to meet all the requirements the government wants you to fulfill. Victoria set up a TikTok account, @Luna_the_pantera, to document the big cat’s domestic life.

Can You Train A Panther?

But in this article, I will show you why it isn’t a good idea to own a black panther yourself. Wildlife conservation is at the heart of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Learn more about national wildlife refuge is established to the recreational activities offered to the resource management tools used.

Now, may I say that the female panther chameleon is one of the most underrated chameleon pets? I actually have more non-breeding female panther chameleons as pets right now than I do males. The orange and pinks with blue undertones or red overtones are gorgeous. Their smaller size makes the standard 2x2x4 cages a much bigger cage experience which makes it more enjoyable for us, in my opinion. So, when I have panther chameleon eggs hatch I am equally happy whether it is a male or female.

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