Charming Things to Do in Bolivia

The amount of romantic things you can do in republic of bolivia is enough to have you providing your luggage straight away. Republic of bolivia is an incredibly varied country with both immense natural and cultural riches. It is also a spot that has mysteriously managed to stay blissfully off of the tourist adnger zone, resulting in beautifully authentic experiences. From the ethereal salt apartments in Uyuni to the chaotic carnival celebrations of Oruro there is something for everybody here.

The biggest attraction in La Agotar is absolutely the massive Salt Flats of Uyuni, you could also go to a local homestay on Isla delete Sol about Lake Titicaca or head for the Mercado de las Brujas (Witches Market) and grab some traditional medicines, if to overcome éminence sickness or simply to cast a spell over your travelling nemesis!

For your real treat head out towards the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve inside the southwest of the region. The area hosts both impressive volcanoes and breathtaking multi-colored lakes. You can take a horseback riding tour through the valleys and canyons of Samaipata and visit the pre-Incan El Fuerte ruins. The new beautiful and unique sight that will certainly take your air away.

A trip to Potosi is another must-do for any explorer, a stunning region filled with colorful ravines and worn away rocks. The new perfect establishing for a great unusual honeymoon plus the best time to visit is via May to November in order to isn’t as well hot and humid.

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