Being an idealist means thinking about a person better

“You are incorrigible idealist romantics”-the older generation hears such a remark today from the young. It seems to whom, as not to them, young, to experience rainbow dreams, bright hopes, anticipation of flight? And people with experience, on the contrary, are supposed to gradually be disappointed and slowly descend to the sinful land.

But no: idealism in our pragmatic age has been very lost in price and is not quoted – it is too impractical and naive to be an idealist. And some believe that it is even harmful. In my opinion, this is a big misconception.

Personally, I never renounced the fact that I was and, to a certain extent, I remain an idealist. Idealism is necessary for a person at any age, as some isolation from reality, the element of it.

This is a special condition: both the review is better and easier. Ideals indicate the development vector, help to overcome earthly attraction, find meaning.

Being an idealist means thinking about man and humanity better. Then everyone has a chance to become better. The most realistic is not just to accept the world as it is, but to see it as it should become. Then he will be so. Following Goethe all his life, this did not get tired of repeating the famous seeker of life meanings Victor Frankl.

But being an idealist at the same time does not mean idealizing the world around him. The idealization of life is a conscious or involuntary vision aberration. It is this self -deception that underlies many incorrect and negative reactions to the world.

Idealization is meant the only significant idea for a person to arrange life, in case of violation of which there are negative experiences that arise due to the mismatch of a mental image with reality. As a result – a conflict with the world.

Everyone has their own ideas about how the world should be arranged. However, the world cannot “adjust” to the requirements of all

To avoid it, you just

need to allow this world to be multifaceted, diverse, changing and imperfect. After all, the imperfection of the world, people and events is only a set of assessments. The world is real and does not depend on judgments about it.

For a more harmonious existence, it is necessary to first recognize the world around us as it is now, and only then try to make it as we want to see. It is necessary to clearly see the actual, but to preserve the imagination.

This does not mean that you need to abandon moral rules and ethical norms. But they are applicable primarily to themselves. And should include greater loyalty and tolerance to the world. As a rule, not ideas and ideals are erroneous, but an attitude towards them.

Each person has his own ideas about how the world should be correctly arranged. However, the world cannot “adjust” to the requirements of all. These requirements often exclude each other. Even in one family, views on life, methods of raising children are diametrically opposite. You can love to fly, but not try to teach the whole world in reality.

Therefore, it is useless to try to squeeze life into the framework of your ideas about it. It is necessary to negotiate with others and more often remember that specific human experiences, health and actual relationships are more important than the perfect vision of the world. It must be remembered that usually we have little chances for truly, all the more total change in objective reality. But there are a lot of chances to make your own life more joyful.

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