Business Process Management for Contracting and Management

To get the desired outcome of a contracting or management process, more than planning and execution is needed. It also requires careful analysis and control of the interdependent business processes involved in designing procurement, preconstruction, construction, closeout, and commissioning the built environment. Business process management is crucial to the success and growth of any project, or business.

BPM is an integrated, systematic method of discovering, modeling, automating, and continuously monitoring business process. The aim is to align internal business functions with strategic goals. This will result in greater efficiency and profit.

To achieve its goals, the BPM cycle is composed of six phases: analyze design and implement, monitor, optimize and redesign. The first step in the cycle is to examine the current process to determine areas for improvement. The second step is designing an entirely new procedure to meet requirements of the business, using automation and standardization whenever possible. The implementation phase is aimed at implementing the new process model. Continuous monitoring and optimization will ensure its ongoing efficiency.

Construction firms are losing tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on wasted manual and business processes, both at the office and on the job site. Automating these processes increases visibility, boosts operational responsiveness increases risk mitigation and speeds decision-making. It can also reduce expenses, increase morale and improve utilization of resources. To achieve this, teams need to be able to fully understand all their processes and processes that underlie them.

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