How to Land a Job in Investment Banking at the Best Investment Banking Schools

A degree from an elite university is a huge benefit in investment banking. This is particularly applicable to bulge bracket banks located in the US and London. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find a job at an investment bank if you attend a school which isn’t a targeted school or even semi-target. It’s simply more work and a more extensive network to be able to find a job.

The most important thing to consider is whether or not your school is “targeted”. These are schools that consistently send large numbers investment bankers into the largest companies. These schools are chosen by banks since they believe their students have the skills and are a good fit for their culture.

Harvard, MIT Wharton, Columbia Chicago Booth, Kellogg Northwestern Darden UVA and Fuqua Duke are all on the list. Other prestigious schools like Imperial College London and New York City’s Baruch College also make the list. In terms of their curriculum the finance courses at these schools are known for their analytical rigor and practical applications, which help prepare students for careers in investment banking. These schools offer a range of events for networking and education for students who are interested in the field.

Apart from attending a specific school, you can maximize your chances of success by taking part in extracurricular activities related to investment banking. You can do this by attending investment banking seminars, joining clubs in finance or participating in a coop or internship in finance during your sophomore year. You should also include at least two leadership experiences on your resume prior to when the recruiting season starts in your junior year.

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