IPO Preparation Checklist


Benjamin Franklin is credited with the old adage “By not planning you’re setting yourself up to fail.” As private companies begin their IPO process, it is an extremely crucial time and requires strategic planning and thorough preparation to be successful.

managing this complicated and legally regulated process can be time-consuming and overwhelming for any team. The IPO process involves many partners such as investors, underwriters, and investment banks. It is essential to present an articulate and clear equity narrative that addresses market expectations and offers potential investors with the chance to be a part of your company’s growth trajectory.

An IPO readiness assessment is one of the first steps to prepare for an IPO. It considers what a company will look like if it’s publicly listed. This allows teams to identify any gaps that must be addressed prior to the IPO date. Many venture-backed companies don’t have financial statements that meet the requirements of compliance for public companies. A IPO readiness test identifies this issue and assists finance and legal teams rectify the situation well in advance of the IPO process kicking off.

Once the initial preparation work is completed, it’s time to begin preparing for ongoing regulatory reporting. This involves obtaining access Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) EDGAR filing system. It is crucial to establish an effective team within the IPO to collaborate with your law firm outside on the drafting of iXBRL and EDGAR example documents. This will include a person who will be responsible for uploading exhibits to the SEC and coordinating with your financial printer/SEC filer.

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