How to Hold an Effective Board Meeting

A successful board meeting is crucial in creating an environment of collaboration which allows companies to invent and reach their goals. Board members should be encouraged to take their responsibilities very seriously and devote time to preparation for meetings, research, and thoughtful questions and suggestions. Regular checks-ins and efficient meetings as well as accountability are all facilitated by regular check-ins.

An effective board meeting starts with a clear agenda and distribution of relevant documents prior to the time. This will ensure that all Board members have had an opportunity to review and understand the material prior to discussing. The chair of the board must act as facilitator, making sure that the discussion focused and within its allotted time.

Sometimes, directors are drowned in reports and the “have to’s” of the board meeting. These are important but the majority of the meeting should be focused on the strategic issues that propel the company forward.

At the top of the agenda should be a big overview section where leaders are able to discuss high-level updates, discussing key losses and wins, as well as the goals of the future roadmap for the organization. This is a great opportunity for founders to seek the Board’s support for specific initiatives, like hiring or partnership opportunities.

If you find that you’re not able to discuss all the items on your agenda, it’s best to make a decision in advance to place them in the parking area and revisit them at a later time in a different meeting or via private phone call or dinner with each director. This will ensure that the Board is fully engaged and has a holistic understanding of the company.

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